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Durp. Call me Aapur, or Cyber. I'm a gamer and mechanic, sort of. Not much else to say.

Can be found in the following games:
- Minecraft
- EVE Online
- Second Life

Status: Taken

Name: Yngve van der Meeren
Location: Bergen - Norway
DoB: 02/15/1994
Language: Norwegian, English
What I do: Work on a ferry

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Journal Entry: Sat Dec 6, 2014, 6:20 AM

Gee. It's been like, ages since my last update here. So here's a short summary.

Work have been taking a lot of my time, and I have had less to complain about, which is why I rarely update. But I'm still alive, yet my focus is on other things than telling my tale. I do, however have a few interesting things going on.

First of all. I'm working on setting up a 1.8 Minecraft server, but it won't be released publicly until essentials and such is released for it.

Also. You will be seeing me at NordicFuzzCon 2015. Yays!

Not much besides that. If you have any questions and such, go ahead and ask ^^

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Sisters - Reversed
Reversed version of this commission:…

Art by: Haze
Adrealine and Natisha belongs to me
Adrealine(White) and Natisha(Light Blue) were sisters, but due a disagreement with the family ways, Natisha left, leaving Adrealine to inherit the cruelty of their mother. This commission shows the spilt, where we have Adrealing being a scheming character, while Natisha is seen as Care Free

Reversed Version:…

Art by: Haze
Adrealine and Natisha belongs to me
Lock and Load
So decided to get a commission of the Dreamkeepers version of Josh, and boy, did it turn out amazing.

Josh belongs to me
Karo belongs to :icondreamkeepers:
Art by :iconnwitchgun:
The rain was pouring down outside as the Empire’s mages and alchemists gathered in the big dome. In the middle, a massive spell circle had been prepared, looking more complex than most of what they had been working on before. The room itself was big, the central floor measuring a hundred meters across, constructed of polished marble. The dome itself was supported by six arches resting on massive marble pillars. Around the central floor, an elevated balcony went all the way around, housing books, alchemy stands and other research stations.
“Today is a momentous day!” The head mage was standing on an elevated stand, watching over the floor. He was wearing a beautiful coat, made of fuchsia silk with golden thread woven in, making intricate patterns. “Today, we create the God who shall serve our empire, and bring in a new golden age!”
For years, the Mage and Alchemy Guild had been at work on Thilantia Noir, the sister planet to Thilantia Prime. They had been given one project, to create a God to serve the further expansion of the Thilantian Empire. For years, they had been studying everything from souls to the very Magic Flow, to understand it and find a way to create a god.
“For years, our studies have been leading nowhere, but that changes today. Today, we shall set the foundation for the Second Great Expansion of the Empire!” He bowed, the others present cheering. The others present were mages and alchemists from all over the galaxy, people pulled into the Thilantian Empire during the First Great Expansion a hundred years prior. They were the brightest minds the empire had to offer, all in one place.
One dragon, however, wasn’t looking too sure. He was standing behind the podium, looking serious. The Head Mage stepped down, walking over to him. “You don’t look too convinced, Bill.”
“Of course not.” Bill responded. “What we’re about to do has a huge chance to fail. Not to forget what will happen if we can’t control this thing…”
“You worry too much.” The old lizard brushed his worries aside, his tone having undertones of disgust. “Of course this is going to succeed. We are the brightest minds in this universe, and our work will allow our Empire to gain control of all. But I didn’t expect a thing like you to understand that.”
Bill looked bothered by his worries being brushed aside. “Shouldn’t we start with a small scale project? See what will happen?”
“Too much time will be lost if we do...” The words bothered Bill even more. “Now you better settle down and relax. We got this under control, Primerian Construct.”
Bill didn’t look happy at being called that, but decided to not fight back.  He settled down, watching as the others started preparing.
Several carts were moved in, each holding loads of prisoners who all were bound in heavy chains. The prisoners were spread out evenly on the magic circle, chained to the ground so they couldn’t move. It was not only murderers, but also thieves, con artists, and prisoners of war. Men, women and even children, all bound in heavy chains. All in all, a thousand prisoners were shipped in for this.
Bill was disgusted by the sight, looking over the lower floor. The looks of the prisoners were not those of hard-baked criminals, but living beings who had lost the lottery of rights. It was too late for him to do anything now, and that made him feel sick.
The Head Mage chuckled, looking over the lower floor. “Look at these animals. Filthy dirty animals, ready to be our catalyst.” A few of his nearest laughed at the comment. “If they only had accepted our rule, and not fought back…” He stretched, getting the signal that everything was prepared.
Bill sighed. “Think about this, sir. You still can stop thi...”
“Silence, creation!” The Head Mage snapped at him. “You have no right to speak that way, and I’m quite frankly getting sick of your complaining. It would be a shame if we had to send you back to your hippie creators in pieces.”
The comment really stung, Bill getting up and charging at him, aiming to punch him. He didn’t even get close. The mage hit him with a blast, the blast ramming him into a wall so hard it cracked. “Guards. Take this piece of trash out of my sight. I have been friendly with it too long.” He turned away as Bill was carried away.
Lightning struck the dome, causing it to shiver. Dust fell from cracks in the ceiling as the Head Mage got back up on his podium. “It’s time. From this point onwards, WE are the gods!”
The other mages took their positions as they started chanting, the spell circle starting to glow. The Alchemists opened the valves to their concoctions, the goop starting to fill the spell circle. Within minutes, the floor was covered by a multi-colored goop, the spell circle glowing under it as another lighting strike hit, causing sparks to dance along the pillars, hitting the edges of the spell circle. The energy caused the goop to start levitate as the spell was powering up, the glow increasing as the first screams could be heard. Horrifying screams of agony. The mages didn’t stop as they kept chanting, as even more lightning strikes added more power to the spell circle, soon drowning the screams in a magical roaring as the first prisoners disintegrated, their souls shattering in the multi-colored light.
For nearly an hour this continued, but then something happened. The light faded as darkness took over, the dome being hit by a lightning strike so strong that the roof cracked, several pieces falling down. Tendrils of black shadows shot out from the mass that now filled the central floor, ripping mages and alchemists to shreds, devouring their souls too.
Panic broke out, most people present fleeing for the nearest exit, only to be killed by the thing they had created. Black tendrils of mist shot out everywhere, destroying bookshelves, pillars and more, causing the very dome to collapse with a thundering crash.
The storm was more violent than ever now too, as if the dark being was fueling it. It had it’s attention focused to the Head Mage now, who had protected himself with a magical barrier. “So you thought you could control me…” It’s voice was a chorus of voices, both male and female. “Such a shame…”
The Head Mage’s shield was shattered in a single swipe. “W-what are you!” He was panicking.
“A god.” The Shadow responded. “And I have no use for you. Be gone, filthy bug.” It didn’t let him respond, tearing him to shreds with a mass of shadowy tendrils. It then took his form. “I shall own it all. Just as I was made to do.” It turned it’s attention to Bill, who had survived the collapse.
“P-p-please. Spare me!” He was scared. “I told him this was not going to work!”
“Does it matter?” The Shadow enveloped him. “He was useless. Full of himself. You, on the other hand.” The Shadow laughed. “How about a contract. You claim the universe for me, and I will grand you powers unlike any other. It’s that, or suffer the same fate as everyone else.”
Bill had no choice. “I-I accept…”
The Shadow’s laughter could be heard throughout the solar system as it enveloped the whole planet, dragging it into the Void. Word of what had happened to the planet never reached Thinaltia Prime. The mystery of Noir remained unsolved for the entire Empire’s duration.
The Shadow - A Short Origin Story
Before you read, here are some informative links related to the drabble:

The Thilantian Empire:…
Concept Design - Soul

Made a concept design for a weapon used by one of my characters, Marshia. She uses a Gun-Blade named Soul, and it’s not a weapon to mess with. It’s said that a magical crystal named Heart of the Universe was forged into it, and that that’s where it draws it’s powers from.

The blade has two triggers, one short for the gun part, while a longer one on the handle to power up the cog that charges the blade.

also sorry about my shitty handwriting




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